Sorted File Server with Artificial Intelligence

File Server with Artificial Intelligence

Instantly search the contents of

Search with Artificial Intelligence

Introducing Sorted FS

Sorted FS with Artificial Intelligence, the modern and future-ready file server for your business.

Built with security, speed, and versatility in mind— Sorted FS with AI can be installed locally at the office, in a data center, or in the Cloud and provide seamless and secure access to all users locally and remotely.

Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence, this enterprise-grade file server enables instant search across various file types including text, Office documents, PDFs, photos, audio, archives and more.

Once exclusive to large enterprises, now businesses of all sizes can unlock the power of AI.

Instantly search the contents of files

Use MacOS Spotlight to instantly search the contents of various file formats stored on your company's File Server. Windows support coming later in 2023.

  • PDF, Text, RTF, Office documents
  • Printed and handwritten text in graphics, photos and scans
  • Photos from AI generated keywords and descriptions
  • Speech in audio files
  • Inside ZIP compressed archives

A real File Server, not a syncing app

Powerful, fast, enterprise grade features

  • User and Group management portal
  • File locking to prevent data conflicts in files
  • Network trash to recover accidentally deleted files
  • Fast VPN access using Wireguard   Hosted
  • Daily backups with versioning   Hosted

Install Options

Sorted FS can be professionally hosted and maintained by Sorted Solution, installed in your own AWS, Azure or Google Cloud, or at your office on your own private network.

  • Hosted: No maintenance, redundant Internet, secure and fast VPN access, daily backups
  • Cloud: AWS Cloud, Azure Cloud, Google Cloud, Rackspace
  • On-Premise: Installed on your network



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Sorted FS is currently in Beta.
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